About Us

Started in 2016, Sickle Strong, Sickle Cell Empowerment Circle is a support group for adults living with Sickle Cell Disease in the metropolitan Detroit area. Founded by President/CEO Kristian Garrison, and co- partner Versetta Brown-Eaddy (Vice President), we are a non profit 100% ran by patients living with Sickle Cell Disease, and we depend on support from the community and donations in kind to run our operations.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to arm ourselves and other patients living with sickle cell with the accurate education and information to help better manage our disease rather than having it rule us...

Empowering one another to live a rich and fulfilling life of no limits despite having sickle cell disease!

When people are facing challenges, especially the chronically ill, it’s helpful for them to be able to find support from others who understand exactly what they’re going through, and that’s what they’ll find at our Support Group. We welcome you into a safe space where you can share your story with others who have had similar experiences.